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iyfacemckelvey [userpic]
depaul undergrad theatre/communications conference?

I seem to remember Depaul University having an undergraduate theatre/communications conference early in the spring semester for the past couple of years, yet my googlings has yielded no information on one this year...anybody have any info?


DePauw (in Indiana), not DePaul (Chicago). And I have a vague memory that the conference no longer exists.


I was accepted to the MA program for the 2010-2011 academic year, but couldn't go because the tuition was WAY too high. I believe right now it's at 51,000 (not including housing). Initially I recieved no financial aid. When I called to ask if any money was available, they offered me 7,500.

I believe all of their PhDs are fully funded. However, I have talked to several students who already had graduate degrees in theatre who were only accepted to the MA program (without funding) when they applied for the PhD. Unfortunately, when you look at the students who have been accepted for the PhD, almost all of them got their MA from NYU.

I hope this helps. If you do get accepted, it's always worthwhile to call the admissions office and ask to see if more financial aid is available.