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Shari Perkins [userpic]
Fall 2010 Applicants? Co-Administrator?

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry that I haven't kept up with running this community. I've been checked out of LJ in general in the past year and a half. I still think there is a need for this community, however, and I'm interested in getting it going again. Is anyone interested in becoming a co-administrator for this group and helping to keep discussions going here?

So... to get things started ... who else is in the midst of applications this fall? I am, although I'm applying to only one PhD program. It seems like I applied for my MA just yesterday!



I'm not applying to anything right now (having been in school for about twenty years straight now, I think I need a break), but my MFA thesis show is going up in ten days, so I feel you in being in the thick of things!

Mostly I'm commenting to say that I saw a show you dramaturged (A Bicycle Country- a friend's boyfriend was light designing it) and when I saw your name in the program, I thought, "hey! I know that name from the Internet!" :)

Wow, that makes me almost feel famous! I hope you enjoyed the show. I liked working on it very much. I'm working with that company on an ongoing basis now, so I see Scott (the LD) regularly.