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possible questions during a master's program interview?

I'm currently applying for an MFA in Stage Management at several schools and I actually have an interview with the head of the Drama Department at UC Irvine.

I was wondering if anyone's been through this process and if so what type of questions could potentially pop up?  Any help would be great.  I'm just trying to be as best prepared for this interview as possible.

Thanks :)

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From what I can remember...

I did a few of these about 6 years ago (MFA in SM '07)

A lot of the popular ones were the standard:

What do you feel are you strengths? Weaknesses?
What do you see as the role of the Stage Manager in a Production?
What shows have you most enjoyed working on? What was the last show you saw?
Do you see being an SM as more of an Artistic role or a Technical Position?
(careful of this one, the better answer changes depending on the program)

Why are you applying to grad school/What are you hoping to get out of it?
What kinds of people do you have the hardest time working with?